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Online Speech Therapy

We offer speech and language therapy for adults and children with Stuttering, Articulation disorders, Language delays, etc. Sessions are provided online by a qualified therapist using interactive therapy resources. Therapy is personalized and will be designed after baseline assessment. Customized goals, follow ups and offline activities are discussed based on the client's skill assessment.

Online special Education

We offer an online special education program for children with special needs to meet their individual needs and based on their IEP’s. We have collaborative therapy for children diagnosed with ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, developmental delays, Conduct disorder, Behavioural problems, and other learning difficulties in Reading and Writing. We assure endless support and care throughout your journey.

Online Parental Guidance Programs

Daze and confused! A new parent fit this phrase easily! Things can get even more challenging when you are dealing with a differently abled child.We can help new parents and parents with differently abled child to deal with these challenges effectively. We offer professional guidance programs which will help you to understand your child in a better way.Our clinicians will set long term and short term goals and design activities . The progress will be closely monitored and timely changes will be made to the activities.

Online Counseling

These are difficult times, People are shut off physically and emotionally. It is natural to feel overwhelmed when a pandemic hit. Vivid offers support to help you cope with the stress and depression and various psychological issues like Anxiety, Mood issues etc . We offer online sessions from qualified and experienced psychologist which are confidential , convenient and affordable.

Early Intervention Program

Child’s brain needs nurturing.. The early years of a child's life are crucial for later development. Some infants and toddlers meet developmental milestones slowly than expected. This is called a developmental delay. Our early intervention program utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach that emphasizes supporting the child in achieving their fullest potential across important developmental domains.

Video awareness classes

We get a lot of queries from concerned caregivers and parents regarding disabilities and its intervention. So we have put together a series of videos explaining it for the needy. .These videos will help you to enhance your knowledge and will be a useful tool to manage someone with a disability. Videos can be watched at our youtube channel

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Vivid's approach towards speech therapy and rehab solutions, is extremely innovative. I am experiencing their services for my niece since last 6 months after her brain surgery. Unlike a regular speech therapist they are giving phycological support which helps the patients to recover fast. My niece got a lovely friend from "Vivid" and our family is thankful and glad to wish them very best.
Joby Thomas
You are my sunshine, vivid! Being a new immigrant, my daughter's inability to speak threw our life into darkness. We started speech therapy and play therapy in ontario with no progress. Our plan was to look for a malaylee therapist hoping that might help and decided to try out online speech therapy. We searched online and landed on your name accidently. That first session with you brought so much hope to our life. After that there has been no looking back. We thank you for all that you are doing for us.
Ansu Sara Sunny, Mother of a 4 year old child

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