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About us

We aim for prevention and early intervention

We are a team of rehabilitation professionals,we offer rehabilitation services through telephone and the internet for children and adults who have communication problems. Our team consists of audiologists, Speech language pathologists and early interventionists.For a holistic rehabilitation experience  ,we will be extending our team with experienced specialists in physiotherapy, psychology,occupational therapy, and special education.

With the help of information technology you will have access to our   services in the comfortness of your house.



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Our Services

Online Speech Therapy

We offer speech language therapy for grown ups and children with Stuttering, Articulation disorders , Language delays,etc with the scope of information technology and the internet. Sessions will be provided through specially designed videoconferencing platforms, which are very interactive and user friendly.Therapy will be designed after baseline assessment and customised goals will be set based on client's skills.

Online Parental Guidance Programs

Daze and confused! This will be an apt phrase when it comes to parenting a child in modern era families.Things can get more challenging when you are dealing with a differently abled child.We offer professional guidance programs which will help you to understand your child in a better way.Our clinicians will set long term and short term goals and design activities . The progress will be closely monitored and timely changes will be made to the activities.

Video awareness classes

Many professionals,parents and teachers ask us about different types of disabilities and its management. We have put together various disabilities and its intervention in series of videos.These videos will help you to enhance your knowledge and will be useful tool to manage someone with a disability.

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Why us?

We provide rehabilitation with assured result for :-
  • Stammering/Stuttering
  • Misarticulation
  • Language Delay
  • Developmental Delay
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Learning Disability
  • Aphasia
  • Cognitive Impairment
All you need is a computer or a smartphone!


Although it's been few weeks since my son is attending their online speech therapy,
I can understand his improvement in terms of his speech clarity. Thank you team Vivid!
Father of a 7 year old child,
I think it's very convenient to attend online speech therapy at VIVID.
Their approach is professional as well. We really appreciate their effort
Sneha ,Mother of a 10 year old child with stuttering

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